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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Writing

Hi All,
Here’s a great little Halloween writing activity (Fun Freebies) for K (enrichment), 1st graders, and 2nd graders that contains adjective and noun practice!  You can even discuss rhyming and sight words.
I, personally, used this activity as a Literacy Center for students after reading The Teeny Tiny Woman by Paul Galdone.  But, you can pick your favorite Halloween story!!
After reading The Teeny-Tiny Woman, have students brainstorm Halloween-type adjectives and nouns.  Chart the words they come up with onto an anchor chart.  Students will be able to easily refer back to the chart for proper spelling and ideas!
Directions for Halloween Writing Activity:
Students will come up with one adjective and noun to write in the blanks on their paper.  The kids are welcome to use words that are written on the anchor chart OR come up with their own words.  Please note: students will write the same words twice on their paper...once at the top and once at the bottom.

In the space provided, let students draw/color a cool Halloween picture to depict the adjective and noun they wrote about. Be sure to encourage your
students to color the sky purple or dark blue... to give it the OPTIMAL Halloween look!  LOL
Click Here for the Halloween Writing download

***One year I cut out a dead tree using black construction paper... and let the kids glue it down on the Halloween Writing sheet before drawing their picture.  Those turned out cute too!!!!

Have some Happy Halloween fun!!

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