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Santa Shapes

Friday, February 12, 2016

SWEET Ideas for Valentine's Day!

If you haven't gotten this Valentine Fun Pack FREEBIE, it's worth it!  This pack has 4 Language Arts and 3 Math activities (minimal prep) for your students.  This is a great resource if you need something quick and easy to print.  

These students are working on the VALENTINES rhyming book from my Valentine Fun Pack FREEBIE.  This book has sight word recognition, along with handwriting practice… which is something we work on daily in my class in some shape or form!  The kids get to color the book too.  :)


Working on Number Addiction in class!  This is one of the Math activities in the Valentine Fun Pack FREEBIE!  

Just print the little people cards on card stock and laminate. Cut them out and place them at a Math Center to use with the Number Addiction recording sheet.

Number Addiction Math Activity

These other pictures below are activities they my students do each year in my classroom…

  Children can practice sequencing by gluing different size and colored hearts in order from largest to smallest.

Valentine Sequencing

We made pattern placemats for our Valentine party!  This is something I do in my classroom every year…. and for most holiday parties.  To make a Valentine placemat, the kids just glue little hearts around the edge of a 9x12 piece of construction paper.  My UT intern cut larger hearts but I've used the Elison die-cut machine to cut mini hearts, too!  Any small size will work just fine.

Valentine Placemats

My kids ABSOLUTELY love this next Valentine activity…. and parents love it MORE!  The kids make a scrap box paper self-portrait called "I Have a Heart of Gold!"  This is actually a creativity that goes with an "Opinion Writing" piece that my students write.  The children make a picture and then get to add a real "glitter" gold heart (glitter foam cut into a heart shape) on their picture (naturally, on the left side of their shirt)!!  I have a story starter on my ActiveBoard that my kids can copy if they want.  It says. "I think I have a heart of gold because…..". However, I have several students that are very independent writers and come up with the first sentence by themselves.  I encourage my kindergartners to write at least 2 sentences.  But, as you can see, I have some over-achievers!! 

"I Have a Heart of Gold!" Writing Activity (Opinion Writing)

I hope you've got some good ideas that you can incorporate into your classroom!  

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Happy Almost Valentine's Day!

We've already started our Valentine's Day activities in my kindergarten class!  We're anticipating some "dreaded" snow days next week, so I wanted to get a jump start on all my activities.  I have just finished my newest Valentine Fun Pack FREEBIE on TPT and I will post pictures soon of all the activities!  It includes 4 ELA and 3 Math activities that are appropriate for K-2 grade.

Click on the link below to go to TPT for this FREEBIE

Click HERE to download on TPT.