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Thursday, July 3, 2014

POW + TIDE Writing

Hi All,

One of the hardest things to teach my kindergarten students, undoubtedly, is writing.  It's just a hard concept to teach. It's especially hard for the littles that can't write their names…. geeeeeesh!  But, I do agree that to get your kids writing, you have to start early and practice it often!!

I was introduced to the POW+Tide model this summer at a Common Core training that I attended in here in Tennessee.  Although it is NOT the only way to teach your students to write, it's a viable resource for writing.  It was taken from SRSD which was developed by Karen Harris.  POW is a simple acronym….  P- Pick an idea (pull apart the prompt and pre-write), O- Organize your thoughts (use the TIDE graphic organizer), and W- Write (and say more).  The TIDE acronym is used for the  expository genre of writing... T- Topic sentence, ID- Important Details, and E- Ending.  After attending the conference I searched on the web to find something more that I could use with my students.  Well, guess what? There wasn't anything much at all!!!

Sooooooo, I went straight to work on a TPT packet!  I am so excited to offer this packet that contains 10 printable POW+Tide posters that you can post in your writing center or import into flipcharts to use on an active board!  It also contains 10 friendly graphic organizers that your students can use, student  bookmarks, a student checklist, and a 36x48 inch printable poster.