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Monday, November 18, 2013

Halloween - Miss Nelson is Missing Wanted Posters

I've been meaning to post a couple of pictures of things that my Kindergarteners did at school.  It's a little late for Halloween... but this idea is for the next time you read "Miss Nelson is Missing."  I read the story to my class and hid the book.  I told them that Miss Viola Swamp is STILL ON THE LOOSE! 
We discussed ways that we could try and catch her.... of course the best way to catch someone, when you're wanting your kids to write, is to make WANTED posters.  Soooooo.... that's what we did!  These turned out super cute....  we incorporated Math (patterns) into the Wanted posters too (see the edges).  The kids drew a picture of Viola Swamp....most are hysterical!  hee hee!  Then they wrote sentences to describe what she looked like.