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Santa Shapes

Monday, December 16, 2013

Thanksgiving Math Activities

We made some super cute turkeys for Thanksgiving!  I incorporated these activities during Math Work Stations/Centers and the kids loved them. 

Pattern Block Turkeys...

The kids used pattern blocks pieces (cut from construction paper) to make a turkey.  Each and everyone turned out totally different and unique.  The kids made these by gluing the pattern block pieces in a circular or snowflake type shape.  Then the kids glued on a turkey neck, beak, waddle, eyes, and feet.  However, once their picture was complete, the kids had to go back and count how many of each shape was used on their turkey (how many hexagons, triangles, squares, diamonds, etc.....).  This is a wonderful way to reinforce counting, number recognition, and numeral writing.

 Turkey Feathers Number Combinations...

The kids had to use two different colors of feathers (red and yellow) to make a total of eight.  I made a cute little rhyming recording sheet.  Click on this link for the poem.
Pattern Indian Vests and Headbands...

We used pattern block pieces to make Indian vests and headbands.  The vests are made from paper grocery sacks.  The headbands were made with strips of brown construction paper (3 x 18 inch strips).

Indian Necklaces....

These were made with Rigatoni noodles that were dyed with food coloring.  The kids strung noodles in a pattern to make the necklace.

Needless to say, there were patterns ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!!

SDE Tennessee Kindergarten Conference

I had a wonderful time presenting at the Tennessee Kindergarten Conference in Nashville back in November.  It was my first presentation for SDE in about 11 years.... Wow!  How time flies!!!  I presented four different workshops for teachers:  Science and Social Studies Non-Fiction Discovery, Outrageous and Contagious Common Core Language Arts, CCSS Math Fun: Super Cool Math Centers & More, and Step Up Your Teaching with Guided Reading.

I got to see my long time friend Kim Adsit of KinderGals.  Kim and I started presenting workshops years ago together. It was great seeing her.  I also spoke with Deanna Jump... she told me that she remembered Kim and I presenting together when I was pregnant!!!  LOL