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Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 100 FREEBIES for First Grade!

Okay Teacher Friends... I’ve got two FREEBIES for you to use on Day 100!  These freebies are probably more suited for First Graders.

You are going to hear me talk a LOT about Choice Boards in my upcoming posts and I will hopefully have a SDE workshop on this topic soon.  Basically, choice boards are used for “Differentiated Instruction;” meaning, giving students the opportunity to complete a task on his/her level of ability.  But, not only are children able to complete a task solely on ability but also choosing what they LIKE to do.  So, take a look at the Day 100 Choice Board and look at the activities on it... some are more difficult than others.  The great thing about choice boards is that the teacher chooses/selects how many tasks each child will complete.  Your higher level thinkers should be able to complete more tasks than your lower kids.  I indicate how many tasks each child will complete by writing the number in the top corner of each choice board... yes, you will make a copy of the Day 100 Choice Board for each child to use while they float around the classroom (not literally.. haha!) completing the tasks.  The children will bring their choice boards to me when they complete a task and I will “X” out the completed activity (sometimes I will place a sticker on the choice board).  Letting my students use a choice board allows me to walk around the classroom/monitor more easily AND I can help the children that need it... Also, it’s SUPER activity that I can pull out of my “bag of tricks” to get the kids excited and motivated about learning!!! I have posted a picture and a link of the choice board below:
Click HERE for the Day 100 Choice Board download! :)

 The other FREEBIE is one of the activities on the actual choice board.  It’s called “Write Your Name to 100!”  You will want to print the Write Your Name to 100 Grid for each student in your class and the Alphabet Code sheet.  Make about 6 copies of the Alphabet Code (laminate each) to place at a table as a center.  To complete the “Write Your Name to 100” activity, each student will use a pencil write his/her name over and over (using each cell on the grid and writing in a left-to-right, top-to-bottom progression) until all 100 squares are full. Note: the grid will most likely NOT end with the last latter in their name.  Next, the children will use the alphabet code sheet to trace each corresponding letter with the correct colored marker/crayon.  This activity will take some students longer than others... when it is completed they may go choose another activity from their choice board.

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