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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Upcoming Workshop in Tennessee

Wow-wee!!!  This summer has been crazy!!!  I think I’ve been just as busy as I am during the school year.  What have I been doing?  Well, I’ve tried to tackle my garage (it’s a continuous working project!), I’ve carted my kids to and from church camp and sailing camp, gone to the beach, got a pedicure and a new hair-do, I’ve had out-of-town company (twice), I landed a new KINDERGARTEN teaching job in Knoxville, and I’ve been making lots of fun stuff for my upcoming conference at ETSU!   I am really excited about presenting at the ETSU Annual Early Childhood Conference in July... it’s been about 12 years (can you believe) since my last workshop!  I’m nervous but at the same time, sooooooooo happy to get back into presenting workshops for teachers!  I will be doing a workshop entitled “Fun Galore with Common Core!”.  This workshop will be packed full of fun ideas to use in your K-3 grade classroom! 

I have posted a link below for you to check out!

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